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Meet Mikael - New to the team but a familiar face in the house

Mikael Funa, Minc Buisness CoachMikael Funa, Minc Buisness Coach

As we are getting more companies into the house, the Minc team is growing as well! Now we are so happy to present our new business coach - Mikael “Micke” Funa. Micke is new to the team but has been in the Minc house for 7 years, running his own startup PackBud. He will officially start as our Business Coach on October 1st. 

How did you get into the startup world?
I have always been interested in business development. I have run companies since 1995 but it was first 2012 when I really entered the world of Startups, with the company PackBud, that I co-founded. PackBud came from the idea of helping users with bulky shipments and helping shipping companies optimizing their truck spaces better. A sustainable smart logistics solution, helping all parties with the environment as a beneficiary.

What’s the best thing about being an entrepreneur?
The possibility to make a difference by building something from scratch. It’s the best of feelings when an idea of yours, that you strongly believe in actually works and is appreciated on the market. As an entrepreneur you never stop working really. But there is also a great deal of freedom here, doing something for yourself. That is something I have always appreciated.

One moment you failed?
I failed many times during the years, everyone does now and then. But it’s often from the failures you learn and move on to something new and improved. One specific memory I consider a failure was when we sold one of my old companies that we worked on for many years. After that exit, we decided to continue the same kind of business and scale in other geographical markets. We didn’t make it and we ended up having to shut down.

What’s your best advice to an early entrepreneur?
Make sure you have a good time. Team up with good people, preferably people having the same vision as you. And don’t spend too much time developing the perfect product/service at the start. Test your idea first in the simplest of ways to get the proof and feedback needed to continue. Finally, be adaptable and listen to your customers. 

The best thing about Minc?
Being in a creative inspiring house filled with entrepreneurship and ideas.

Why did you want to be a business coach at Minc? 
I really like the way Minc is set up and the services that are offered. Plus, business is one of my true passions, and being able to contribute to other people's ideas is just amazing. It’s inspiring and motivating coaching others to reach their goals. 


Welcome to the Minc team, Mikael! 

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