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Meet Minc - Kinga Broel-Plater

Kinga Broel-Plater, Head of IncubatorKinga Broel-Plater, Head of Incubator

Some of you have met her in the house and some in virtual meetings from across the sea. With a background in finance and sales, and with a passion for tech and female-founded companies; she coaches, designs and steers the Incubator program. This is our Head of Incubator Kinga Broel-Plater!
Who is Kinga, and what do you do at Minc?
I have a background in finance, sales and business development from some larger organizations such as Citi and JPMorgan, but have also worked as an intrapreneur and built a global capital markets team for a smaller bank out of London. Then in 2008, in the aftermath of the financial crisis, I was lucky enough to re-route and get involved in the startup scene. And I have not looked back since! I have a strong passion for startups, new technology and supporting driven individuals and their startups grow and flourish and love my work at Minc! 

Apart from coaching the entrepreneurs in the Minc incubator, my daily work includes designing, planning and overseeing the execution of the annual Minc incubator program with its various educational workshops, events and fundraising activities together with my amazing team! I also sit on the investment committee for Fast Track Capital, our angel-led-investment fund, where we invest in incubator startups. 

What does it take for a startup to join the Incubator at Minc?
We look for strong and diverse teams who want to create something new and grow scalable companies using technology, and which ideally have a positive impact on society. 

We are also very keen that they create something we call 'Malmö- or Skånenytta', which means we consider how the company will contribute to making our city or region better, either by creating jobs, or offering solutions to challenges that the city or region are experiencing. 

Why should one apply to the Incubator? 
We have an amazing program of expert workshops and the best team of coaches you will find, I am so proud of the team we have! We work to support each startup in a variety of areas from funding, sales, growth and marketing to product development and team building. 
We have recently added to our tech expertise in-house which is really fantastic and means that we are even better able to support those entrepreneurs lacking in tech expertise in building impactful companies. We especially welcome women to apply, whether you have a tech background or not, we can help you realize your ideas here. 

Kingas best tips to do before applying into the incubator: 
Get in touch! Whether at in the idea stage or already a growing startup, someone at Minc will be able to help! 
"Get out of the building", as the famous Steve Blanck would say it. Speak to your customers and see what problems you are solving and if anyone is willing to pay for what you have.

What do you think it takes to become a great entrepreneur?
Persistence and curiosity! And a solution the customer is willing to pay for of course. 
What’s the best thing at Minc?
The warm and supportive community, a strong network of investors and business angels and the great Minc team helping our startups. 
Thank you, Kinga!

About Minc

At Minc, we believe in creating something bigger than yourself. We offer everything an entrepreneur needs to go from concept to market in-house. Our international network of advisors and award-winning programs will help your startup scale faster and smarter. Welcome to the startup house of Malmö.


Kinga Broel-Plater
Head of Incubator
Kinga Broel-Plater
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