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Meet Minc - This is Tshepiso

Tshepiso Lehutjo, Startup Labs coordinator. Tshepiso Lehutjo, Startup Labs coordinator.

Have you met our Startup Labs Coordinator, Tshepiso Lehutjo? She is a creative doer who started at Minc this summer,  we are so happy to have her in the team. Let's get to know her better! 

Who is Tshepiso and what do you do at Minc?
Tshepiso is an ambitious go-getter from South Africa who loves absorbing the latest and coolest idea. At Minc I am the Startup Labs coordinator working with talented and driven early entrepreneurs as they work towards validating their idea.

How did you get into the startup world?
I get this question often and always stumble. I started at VentureLab when I wanted to find a solution for sustainable reuse of water in non-sewered households of South Africa. From there, things just happened and I was hooked!

What will you add to the minc team?
I wish to bring value to the goal of having more diverse ideas and people within the ecosystem. I also want to be an asset to people that want to develop social entrepreneurial ideas. Ideas that serve some of the most vulnerable people in the world.

What’s your best advice to an early entrepreneur?
I am sure you have heard this already- but just start!

What makes you tick?
Inequality and injustice.

If you would describe yourself as an animal, what would you be?

What's the best thing about Minc?
If you just spend 15 minutes per day engaging with someone, you will probably learn something new per day. There are so many different people with so much to share- even beyond their startup.


You are a great edition to the team Tshepiso! Make sure to contact her if you have a business idea. 

About Minc

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