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Meet the Startup - Mylla Mat

Mylla Mat is a Minc Incubator company and their main focus is all about making it easier for the consumer to buy and eat more local food in season. They are passionate about bringing the consumer closer to the producer, to actually know who has grown your veggies, how the animals are treated and making sure we move to a more sustainable way of eating in a positive way. Buying local in season is better in so many ways, but above all, it tastes better! Mylla Mat has been around for about a year, and Maria and Rickard are the founders. At the moment, they have great help from a group of volunteers that helps them packed all the food and grow into this long term sustainable business.
A day working in Mylla Mat is quite busy since they are having deliveries each week. The key to managing a stressful day is to have a great structure of when things need to be ordered, packed, etc. We had the chance to ask them a few questions about their startup:
- Tell us more about your inspiration? 
Oh, there are so many. All the small farmers and producers, who are really pouring their heart and soul into delivering great food. Or anyone doing something creative, out of the box. We really like to do things differently. 
- Why is now the right time to build your startup?
The awareness of the shift to a more sustainable way of living is rapidly growing, and food production is a vital part in our overall climate challenge. Buying more local, in season and minimizing food waste is a relatively easy way to change your carbon footprint and support local businesses, but it is not always easy to find local produce in stores. This is where Mylla came from, a realization that we need to make it easier to buy local food, and judging by the response from our customers they agree with us. And with the Corona-crisis, this has become even more evident to a lot of people, so the timing for Mylla is quite good at the moment. 
- 3 advice to start buying locally produced food
First of all - just start! Wherever you are buying food, look at the signs and ask the staff where the produce is from. Swedish farming is generally excellent, and our food health regulations are outstanding, so if you're buying Swedish it will be a good choice. Secondly, try to find new places to buy local food. Mylla is of course one example but look for local farm shops, REKO-ring, etc. Thirdly, support your local restaurant as well! In these times, it is more important than ever and most small restaurants and cafées in Malmö are very committed to using local produce in their cooking. 
- What’s the best advice you’ve recently received?
"Just keep going". Being an entrepreneur is a roller coaster, and there are always bad days when you want to give up and go home. But being reminded by people around us that what we are doing is important for so many people is invaluable, and it keeps us going. We are in this for the long run.  

This week Mylla Mat has had a record in how many orders they received. Congratulations! This means that instead of having one delivery day they had to divide into 2 delivery days. That's amazing! We're hoping the best for you!

Read more about Mylla Mat on their website: myllamat.se
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