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Meet the Startup - OmMej

Meet Minc Incubator company, OmMej who is a SAAS company that makes it possible for organizations (e.g. social services, schools, children's health care, etc.) that work with children and who is expected to comply with UNCRC and national legislation to involve children in decisions and give them influence over help, support, and targeted actions.

Last week they signed an agreement with Helsingborg city's social-service management. Congratulations! We got the chance to ask them a few questions and the first one being about their latest agreement.

Tell us about your latest agreement!
We just signed with Helsingborgs City whole social-service management, what a slam dunk! We have many municipalities and organizations with us in this and together with the practice and a large interdisciplinary research team that will evaluate OmMej, we can get evidence and be sure that we do things that really make a difference.

What kind of services can you make possible:
- To give an understanding of children's well-being in their existing situation, it takes into account the greater impact on children or young people and their developmental needs.
- To identify areas for collaboration in order to be able, in a coordinated way to meet specific needs, and to improve the health and well-being of children and young people.
- To ensure that preventive measures are identified as early as possible to avoid major social or developmental problems.

Recognizing children and young people in a dignified manner is fundamental to continuing to build a strong democracy.

Describe a good workday
A good day at work we’re out, visiting existing clients, or starting up new ones – and meeting the professionals who’s work with OmMej. Especially to experience and take part in the group process that OmMej creates gives a feeling of meaningfulness. When we through the professionals hear the children's stories and how OmMej actually makes a difference – then it is not hard to find tons of new motivation and drive, knowing we are on the right track.

Why is now the right time to build this startup?
It's always the right time to build a startup like OmMej - for me personally it has been the journey to gather experience, test ideas, and build an adequate network of contacts. When it comes to what is happening in our society, the timing is absolutely right - our children have been digitized for a long time, and now our institutions are beginning to understand that we have to meet the children with tools that are optimized for them, not the old situations. In addition, the Convention on the Rights of the Child has become law in 2020 and the focus on children's health is in focus both nationally and internationally.

When it comes to inspirational people, Nicolina, founder of OmMej is not the person that impress easily. Her common denominator for her professional career has been making the world a better place for our children.

 I think I'm driven by frustration, over how slow we make progress and when it comes to persons, I don’t impress easily.

 If Nicolina had to choose one person then Barack Obama would be an option since he is a person that has fought hard and succeeded, primarily with changing the boundaries for what has been thought impossible. We totally agree with you, Nicolina!

Read more about OmMej on their website: ommej.se
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