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Minc goes tech with new Tech Advisor Sebastian!

Sebastian Otarola Silva - Technology AdvisorSebastian Otarola Silva - Technology Advisor

Let's have a chat with our newest addition to the Minc team - Sebastian Otarola Silva, new Technology Advisor at Minc!

Who is Sebastian Otarola Silva, and what’s your background?
Well. The short version is that I’m a lifelong hardcore nerd. The long version is that I’ve always been fascinated with computers and the things they can do. I was blessed with the opportunity to start fiddling with tech from a very young age, something my mom said I’d get squared eyes from. Which I did, until I changed glasses to a more round flavor.
I have a background in mathematics and Hyper Island. Hyper island became a pathway into digital marketing where I’ve had the chance to work with some of the brightest people in the industry. That led to the role as Head of Innovation for NORD DDB. The main objective was to help our clients find business opportunities with emerging technologies. During that time we created prototypes, MVPs and products for companies such as SVT, Klarna, McDonald's + many others. All the years of nerdery infused into one assignment. This January I joined Redmind Venture Studio as their CTO, and as of October I’ll be available as Tech Coach at Minc =)
What is your favorite thing about working with tech?
That you can use the exact same technology to create tons of different solutions. It just depends on the context you apply the tech on. You can use a hammer to construct houses, boats or straighten crooked nails. The same hammer can be used to chisel out magnificent statues and art. Digital technology is not different. The same technology used for a content platform to host entertainment, or education material can be used to create a marketplace. Switch the media content to clothing, add a shop button and, hey presto, you’ve converted it to a fully-fledged e-com for fashion.
Different content, different context. Same technology foundation. It’s almost magical.
What’s your connection to the startup world, and to Minc?
I’ve started a couple of companies in my younger/mid-twenties, so I guess I can relate to the journey startup founders do. It’s an extremely emotional and spiritual roller coaster with super highs and super lows. The struggles are real, no doubt. But when it’s fun and it’s flowing – my oh my, the rush is intoxicating.
I’ve just moved to Malmö this January so I didn't have any prior experience or exposure to Minc. Nino from Fast Track Malmö wanted to grab a coffee once I settled in Malmö. (We met during Hyper Island times) We quickly found common ground and values. One coffee led to another and now I’m here :)
What will you contribute to the companies as Minc's new tech coach?
Mainly helping them identify why and if they should buy or build technology. I have hands-on experience building prototypes, MVPs and products with a variety of technologies so I have a pretty good understanding (famous last words) of the effort it takes to create things. I strongly believe that it’s better to use existing platforms/technologies that have 80% of the functionality you need and adapt it to fit your business. Rather than spending months or years building something from the ground up (that you can pay 15USD / month for) and miss your window of opportunity in the market.
Of course, there are companies that build products that need to be constructed from scratch since they’re breaking new ground. But It’s very rare that you can’t find any technology out in the wild that can help you speed up progress. Launching and testing a product just a few weeks faster can in some cases mean a world of difference for your success. I’ve witnessed this first hand in many projects.
If your product is King, then timing is King Kong. You want King Kong on your side.
What's your guilty pleasure?
I love junk food. Not like fancy craft burgers or premium street food. I mean like, really junky greasy things that lack finesse. If I wasn’t so concerned about living a long healthy life so I get to experience flying cars and interplanetary travels I’d eat junk everyday. All day.
What's the best thing about Minc?
I love the energy and the diversity of the companies. None of the companies are the other alike. That creates a house with a lot of different perspectives and business challenges for different industries. I believe that’s a great recipe for creating an environment where creativity and innovation can grow.
Welcome to the team Sebastian, we are so happy to have you on board!

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