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People at Minc - Tomas de Souza, CEO Worddiagnostics

Worddiagnostics. Co-founder - Katarina Kjell, CEO - Tomas de Souza. Worddiagnostics. Co-founder - Katarina Kjell, CEO - Tomas de Souza.

We are so happy to have so many great companies in the house. One of them is Worddiagnostics, who recently launched their first clinic in Sweden to support individuals with mental health problems. We had a talk with Worddiagnostics CEO, Tomas de Souza, to get to know him more.

Tell us about yourself, how did your entrepreneurial journey start?
I have always looked for opportunities in the settings I'm in, so it's more like a number of journeys. But looking back, they all start with meeting great people. The first one was already in first grade and we ended up exploring a few really bad ideas and eventually grew two companies together.
What does Worddiagnostics do, and what are you working with at the moment?
Our mission is to reduce mental illness and the suffering it causes a large number of individuals worldwide. Our technology predicts psychiatric disorders with the help of artificial intelligence and we offer this as a decision support tool for caregivers to reduce the time needed to identify and treat mental illness. 
We recently launched our first clinic in Sweden, so now everything is happening at the same time. We're hiring, raising capital, finding new customers and finetuning our product together with our early customers. So everything that has to do with building a business, but at the same time enjoying the fact that we are already making a difference in people's lives.

What’s the best thing about being an entrepreneur?
When you have found an important problem to solve there are few things standing in your way to find, build and offer solutions to that problem. It's up to you. There's tremendous power in that feeling and the energy you get when finding people to work with you on that problem is so fulfilling.
What value does Minc bring into your journey?
The everyday business of a company at an early stage can often become a struggle with practical things. Visions and missions aside, there are so many things you have to be in control of and work to make happen. The support from Minc makes it so much easier to keep pushing even on rainy days. It's a great combination of practical and emotional support for entrepreneurs.
We are so happy to have both you and Worddiagnostics in the house! Keep up the good work!

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