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Your Local Hero

Photo: Johan Nilsson/TT(SvD)

Photo: Johan Nilsson/TT(SvD)

Minc coworker, Nino Subotic, working with Minc Accelerator, Fast Track Malmö, is one of the persons behind the initiative, Your Local Hero. The purpose is to support your locals and to remember that there is a time after COVID-19 and we want our small business to survive.

If you have ever wondered what an entrepreneur stands for, here is a short sum up

  1. Find solutions to societal problems
  2.  Help each other out

After only 2 weeks Our Local Hero has reached several milestones. Here is Nino's two weeks update with insights, and thoughts on yourlocalhero.org project:

  • First, what a team we have! Rikke Koblauch Sebastian Andreasson Timo Engelhardt Johan Crafoord-Larsen This has been a display of a highly effective remote teamwork (nobody has physically met during these two weeks, heck haven't met Sebastian for 8 years!) I'm super impressed of every single one of you!
  • We have had 25+ newspapers writing about us. Linked one of them below.
  • Sold Gift cards for over 75k SEK = a couple of part-time workers that can still go to their job.
  • Over 800 requests from restaurants, coffee shops, stores and places from Nuuk, Greenland to California.
  • Insight: We are bringing hope to people by giving them an opportunity to invest in a future they want to live in by supporting their local favorites.
  • Our initiative is driving awareness and is influencing people to support their local heros by stopping by and buying stuff. We don't have data but the owners are frequently telling us about this, amazing right?
  • Started to develop an open-source solution!
  • We are in discussions with big companies about sponsorships so we can develop the open-source! Do you have any tips on who would want to support us, ping me.
  • Thanks Anna Karolina Eriksson for a great interview!

What a great job and thank you for the update, Nino! We are looking forward to seeing how your project develops through time!

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