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The 10 amazing female founded startups pitching in Pinc Capital 2020

Gardenize, Cellugy, SCRIIN, Relox Robotics, Arctic space Technologies, Worddiagnostics, OmMej, Moving Floor, The Fit, Tendo for People.The 10 female founded companies who will be pitching during Pinc Capital 2020.

These are the 10 finalists who will be pitching in Pinc Capital 2020! These female founded companies have different backgrounds and fields. For this year's Pinc Capital we have not only a new record in the number of applicants, but also 75% of the companies actively address sustainability and one or more SDGs. 

  1. SCRIIN - Malin Sjöstrand, Sweden
    SCRIIN is tackling one of the increasing problems in our digital society. SCRIIN’s approach is that technology should solve the problems that technology has created. We are developing innovative products to help people balance screen time with physical activity. It's uniqueness is that it’s designed for young people – small, cheap and visualizes the progress toward WHO’s activity goal in an intuitive way. The SCRIIN app is currently available for free. A premium subscription-based version will be launched in 2021. 
  2. Gardenize - Jenny Rydebrink, Sweden
    Gardenize help people become better planet-keepers, and take care of their part of the world by caring for the plants around them. They provide a digital garden diary where users document and follow their garden over time, to learn and share success and failures that will make each small part of the world a better place.

  3. Relox Robotics - Fredrika Kringberg, Sweden
    At Relox Robotics, we develop autonomous robots with the purpose of removing manual labor for repetitive tasks. Our robots navigate using RTK-GPS and smart path planning to cover an area efficiently, and they are all connected and can be upgraded remotely for higher efficiency and reliability in the system. The first market vertical we are entering is within the golf industry, where our robots are used for golf ball collection on ranges. We offer the robots as a service through a subscription model. During this year we have deployed the first robots to customers in Sweden, and we are now in the process of expanding to Europe and the US.

  4. Cellugy - Isabel Alvarez-Martos, Denmark
    Cellugy is a biotech company located in Aarhus, Denmark. Officially incorporated in April of 2018, Cellugy is harnessing the power of biofabrication to produce disruptive bio-cellulose materials to enable a more readily recyclable alternative to conventional packaging.

  5. Worddiagnostics - Katarina Kjell, Sweden
    We reduce suffering from mental health issues with support from artificial intelligence. We offer a digital platform to collect and analyze patient data to provide clinicians with predictions on psychiatric diagnoses to support their decision making. This reduces the time needed for diagnosing and leads to faster treatment for patients while also improving the clinic's efficiency, quality and business model.

  6. Arctic Space Technologies - Sandra Nilsson, Sweden
    Arctic Space Technologies offers sustainable satellite communication in high latitudes. Customers can benefit from green power from our partnership data center, and long communication times near the polar circle. Arctic space will host the satellite operators' antenna within this infrastructure, which is highly secure and fulfilling the communication requirements. Combined with automated IT for mission control, Arctic Space becomes a cost reducing part of the chain, all while being environmental friendly.

  7. OmMej - Nicolina Fransson, Sweden
    OmMej is a SaaS company developed to solve problems such as the ever-growing mental ill health in Sweden and the enormous human suffering and considerable financial costs it imposes to society. OmMej (AboutMe) is a new digital service developed to provide solutions such as: Ensuring that it is the child or young person who is at the center of decision making and the support available in contact with welfare services, a problem identified by practitioners, the government's national social services coordinator for children and young people, and by researchers. To give an understanding of a child's well-being in their existing situation, it considers the greater impact on a child or youth and their developmental needs. To identify areas for collaboration to be able, in a coordinated way to meet specific needs, and to improve the health and well-being of children and young people. To ensure that preventive measures are identified as early as possible to avoid major or developmental problems and social costs.

  8. Moving Floor - Peg Söderberg, Sweden
    Moving Floor Gotland AB (MF) is a Swedish technology company with a mission to fundamentally improve global animal protein production by increasing yield and reducing emissions and antibiotic use. MF aims to disrupt the animal husbandry industry by bringing a completely automatic and digital cleaning solution for farm buildings allowing for a more sustainable and circular system. MF has developed a patented technology, the Moving Floor Concept, to give farm animals “a toilet” substantially improving the living conditions for the animals and, for pigs, resulting in an estimated 19% less carbon footprint.

  9. The Fit - Lisa Lindvall, Sweden
    The Fit provides an AI solution for personalized size & fit recommendations online. Working in the forefront of deep learning and edge computing The Fit’s mobile body scanning technology measures the human body, just using two photos in under 30 seconds. The sizing solution helps retailers increase conversion and reduce returns while the data brings insights to enable data driven decision making to improve product design, assortment planning and marketing for a more sustainable fashion industry. The Fit changes the online experience of the future by powering personal, relevant experiences for millions of shoppers. By democratizing body data The Fit disrupts the way we produce, distribute and consume online.

  10. Tendo For People - Sofie Woge, Sweden
    With the support of NASA, Odense Robotics and Ideon, we have developed a disruptive technology - a unique, minimalist exoskeleton, a robotic glove that assists the user in gripping, holding and releasing objects intuitively to increase independence and quality of life. The user controls the product intuitively with non-invasive, smart biometric sensors, which allow the exoskeleton to assist a movement that the body itself does not respond to. A revolutionary system for robotic - human interaction. With a weight of under 200 grams, meaning about 1/4 of the closest competitors' weight, we offer a truly wearable solution that brings independence and quality of life to the users, and thus welfare savings. Our patented Tendo Technology has been developed with potential users to make sure that we are creating the right product, for the right people, at the right time.

    Pinc Capital
    Pinc Capital is a pitching event held by Minc in conjunction with the highly appreciated conference Nordic Female Investor Meetup, with the purpose to inspire more women into entrepreneurship and investing. Pinc Capital is open for Nordic startups with at least one female founder. The winning startup will receive a price of 50.000 SEK, proudly sponsored by TicTac Interactive

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