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The winner of Pinc Capital 2020


Presenting, the winner of this years Pinc Capital - OmMej!

OmMej - Nicolina Fransson, Sweden

OmMej is a SaaS company developed to solve problems such as the ever-growing mental ill health in Sweden and the enormous human suffering and considerable financial costs it imposes to society. OmMej (AboutMe) is a new digital service developed to provide solutions such as: Ensuring that it is the child or young person who is at the center of decision making and the support available in contact with welfare services, a problem identified by practitioners, the government's national social services coordinator for children and young people, and by researchers. To give an understanding of a child's well-being in their existing situation, it considers the greater impact on a child or youth and their developmental needs. To identify areas for collaboration to be able, in a coordinated way to meet specific needs, and to improve the health and well-being of children and young people. To ensure that preventive measures are identified as early as possible to avoid major or developmental problems and social costs.


Congratulations OmMej! You will receive the prize of 50.000SEK, proudly sponsored by TicTac Interactive. 


Pinc Capital is a pitching event held by Minc in conjunction with the highly appreciated conference Nordic Female Investor Meetup – NFIM20. NFIM aims to inspire more women to go into entrepreneurship and investing.

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