2020-11-02 13:48Press release

Minc is creating a new accelerator for companies within tourism

Minc Tourism Accelerator. Minc Tourism Accelerator.

To support local businesses and create innovation within tourism in Malmö, Minc is now starting a new accelerator - Minc Tourism Accelerator. This is an initiative created by Minc together with Malmö Stad and Näringslivskontoret.

Entrepreneurs within tourism are our heroes, they are the ones who form our city. We at Minc belive at collaboration and that together we can build Malmö. When we got the question from Micael Nord, we started working on a concept based on our core values which the tourism in Malmö will benefit the most.

- Per Ögren, Head of Minc Tourism Accelerator and also the founder of Toughest

The second wave of Covid-19 is now sweeping in over Sweden, causing 100.000 people in tourism to lose their jobs. The turnover has dropped by 40%, and the urban tourism is having a hard time to survive. That's why Minc together with Malmö Stad and Näringslivskontoret are creating a new accelerator. 

The goal is to create innovation for tourism in Malmö, by connecting Malmö tourism and events, with the startup scene. The collaboration will highlight and help digital transformation that companies need, now more than ever due to Covid-19. 

But a digital transformation doesn't happen over night. Therefore, we believe that now it's the perfect momentum to help the sector, due to the Covid-19 situation. We must build sustainably with the long term goal that our city will be vibrant and full of opportunities for the people living here but also for the tourism.

- Per Ögren.

The new accelerator program will be running for two months. Each week there will be focus on different workshops, personal coaching, matchmaking and data analysis for the companies. Companies who are welcome to apply can be in the event, hotel, restaurant, culture, sales, or activity, sector. Applications will be received through headhunting or through open applications

The people behind the initiative are the Mincers Per Ögren, founder of Toughest, and Nino Subotic, with the experience of Your Local Hero who during the first Covid-19 wave was helping restaurants in Malmö to sell digital gift cards.

For more information, have a look at the Minc Tourism Accelerator website. 


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Sofie Olsson
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